A photo of Pax at Actually Rather Good Comedy Festival, holding a MacBook Pro under her arm and smiling looking towards the stage

Pax Lowey

Founder of Actually Rather Good Comedy Festival — London's greatest comedy festival, ARGComFest, championing diversity and representation.Vice Chair of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society — providing input, oversight and support for the world's largest arts festival.Member of Feral Sett — organising Feral Vector, a Yorkshire-based festival of games, game design and gamelike things.Member of Camp Trans team — planning and delivering Camp Trans, a community weekend camping festival with performances, readings, installations, talks, workshops, foraging, and more.Previously:
- first (and last) dedicated head of the Comedy programme at Europe’s largest arts centre, Southbank Centre;
- Chair of the Live Comedy Association, working to champion, connect and improve the UK's live comedy sector.